On 21st January CARe Medical College  hosted a round table meeting and discussion on “Cervical Cancer Screening as well as its Prevention and Treatment” with Prof. Dr. Parveen Fatima, Chairman Governing Body, CARe Medical College and Prof. Dr. Moazzam Hossain, Honorable Principal, as presented as the chief guest. The event was organized with cities consultants, doctors from different institutions as well as students of the medical college.

The event started off with a presentation on cervical and gynecological problem .All the presenter added that with regular checkups and proper treatment, one can lead a good cancer free life. Nowadays, gynecological cancer in Bangladesh has taken the back seat with cervical cancer occurring at a 26 percent prevalence rate.

The meeting ended by urging all women to get their check-ups done. Trying to save money by neglecting your tests are meaningless seeing as how the cost for treatment is much greater and can easily be prevented by going for checkups. Finally the A short Cultural program was also performed in front of presence which is ended by a light snacks from the medical college.