Lecture Gallery: There are two lecture galleries having 100 seat capacity each with all modern audio-visual equipments like Multimedia Projector, digital sound system etc.

Disection Hall: CARe Medical College has a wide specious disection hall with all sorts of facilities.

Tutorial room: There are multiple tutorial rooms for different subjects having all kinds of teaching facilities.

Laboratory: CARe Medical College has got highly equipped modern pathological laboratory. Students have full access to those laboratories to get hands on experience from the begining. The unique opportunity for the students of this college is that they can see practically in groups how in-vitro fertilization is done. They can see living sperms, oocytes and embryos in the IVF laboratory. Beside these this College has got Museum, Histology, Physiology & Biochemistry Pratical rooms.

Libray: CARe Medical College has a big library with well collection of books and journal. There is internetconnection to the library and the students can learn on-line there.

Common Room and Cafeteria Facilities: Care Medical College has got separate common rooms for male and female students. Well decorated cafeteria is available at the roof-top of the college.

Hostel Facility: There is hostel facility for both male and female students